Working on this rebrand has required Busaba to push
boundaries, both internally and externally. Paul and his team
led this with creative precision and a deep understanding
of our background, ethos and philosophy, injecting
relevance back into Busaba while maintaining our roots.
The creative process has rejuvenated the brand, making it
fresh and beautiful with a clear personality that is true to
what we have always stood for.
Neve Rabbou, Marketing Director, Busaba
The branding and labels are PURRRRRRRRRRFECT!
Extraordinary. All elements work wonderfully together.
Neal Wallach, CEO, Hair Solutions
We’ve seen a 27% increase in the number of young people
on our courses, a whopping 458% increase in our Instagram
followers and a 146% increase in number of visits to the
website. All of which is definitely in part thanks to the really
strong and impactful brand you have created, so a huge
thank you.
Jenny Jordan, Head of Marketing, City Gateway
I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know what to say.
What a beautiful treat and treatment. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a book more fittingly, or more lovingly, designed.
Thank you so very much. I’m breathless.
Lucy Berry, Writer
Paul Belford is, quite simply, the best art director in Britain.
That sounds like hyperbole until you look at the facts:
9 D&AD yellow pencils and 30 graphite pencils. If you get
the opportunity to work with him... take it.
Peter Souter, Chairman, TBWA London
To craft the book I went to see Paul Belford. He’s precise,
honed, a graphic beauty scientist. He’s a different
thinker to me and combined I knew we’d be strong. You
see everything’s about putting things together.
Ed Morris, Film Director
How do you create a brand that elegantly brings to life a
charity’s identity, vision and values whilst resonating with
multiple different audience groups?

You brief Paul Belford Ltd. The team have delivered a
new brand for City Gateway, which thoughtfully represents
the organisation — pushing creative boundaries and
making a bold statement.
Richard Fishlock, Marketing Manager, City Gateway
By quickly understanding our brief and by asking all the
smart questions, Paul and his team got to the nub of what
we were trying to achieve as a business, before diligently
bringing this to life with an exceptional branding idea.
He and his team are world-class designers — their portfolio
tells us that — but they also understand how to take an
idea from paper to reality. Such a power is invaluable
when navigating a complex organisation like ours. I really
couldn’t recommend Paul and his team enough.
Ryan Wain, Marketing Director, The Unlimited Group
Pan & The Dream is more than a magazine, it’s a piece of
performance art.
Steven Heller, Design Critic
The Soap Co. is the chicest branding we’ve seen in ages.
Grazia Magazine, review
People talk about ‘game changing moments’ in a
company’s history — ours was when we launched our
first poster campaign created by Paul Belford Ltd.
We set a very ambitious ROI figure to judge it against
and it smashed it within a matter of weeks. The
proof is that we have run it again two months later.
Kuba Wieczorek, Co-founder, eve Sleep
From concept to counter, Paul Belford Ltd were
invaluable to the launch of The Soap Co. They embodied
our values and turned conversations into a clear brand
that resonates with our target market. The team
passionately, articulately and confidently pushed the
boundaries of what we thought was possible.
Camilla Marcus-Dew, Co-founder, The Soap Co.
Working with the team at Paul Belford Ltd is incredibly
rewarding. They clearly understand our business,
our market and why we’re different. Every meeting leaves
you feeling inspired and energised.
Cecilia Crossley, CEO, From Babies with Love
I promise to wear this logo with pride. By God’s grace
it will become a symbol of hope for all Ghanaians to strive
through adversity and to never give up on their dreams.
Richard Commey, Former International Boxing Federation Lightweight World Champion
Absolutely bloody brilliant.
Gus Hosein, Executive Director, Privacy International
We were planning a re-brand and a good friend
recommended we approach Paul. We’re glad we did.
We ended up with a brand identity and new
packaging that we could never have imagined at the
start. These guys are truly world class.
David Blair, Director, Beanworks
Yes, your Waterstones work. I’ve often had cause to use
it, not for the purposes of simply showing off (although)…
But to make a point about emotional affinity to brands.
Martin Lee, former Marketing Director, Waterstones
Corporate sales had been flat for a number of years.
We needed to enhance the quality of our materials to
ensure that Rothschild winemaking was perceived
as relevant and contemporary. Paul Belford Ltd came
back with some amazing work. Our sales ended
the year with a stunning increase in revenue of 36%.
Christopher Campbell, Managing Director, Waddesdon Wine